Canada Day, formerly known as Confederation Day, is Canada's national holiday, commemorating the nation's independence on July 1, 1867.

It is celebrated on July 1, except in the years when it falls on a Sunday - it is then officially on July 2. If it falls on the 2nd, it is however also officially celebrated on the 1st. It applies to all federal institutions. Shows, parades and fireworks are held throughout the country to celebrate the event.

In Quebec, many citizens change their domicile on or around that date, in particular because the majority of lease contracts expire on July 1; This is what is known in Québec as the relocation day or the "national day of the move". It is in order not to disturb the school year of the children affected by the removals that a law was adopted in 1974 to change the end date of the leases from 1 May to 1 July.